What is that Buzzing Sound We Hear in the Summer? Phoenix AZ

Cicada by: Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org
Cicada by: Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org

Do you hear that loud Buzzing noise outside in the summer?

Desert Cicadas Buzzing can be heard up to 400 yards away. I always joke that it will give me brain cancer!

These summertime musicians travel around by flight, and like to be on bushes and trees.  Cicadas look like a HUGE fly with big buggy eyes.  They outgrow their skin and leave their old empty shell behind on trees, bushes and covered porches.  Cicadas feed on sap, and have a mouth designed to pierce and suck.

Why do Desert Cicadas make that buzzing noise?   Male Cicadas make the buzzing sound because they’re trying to attract a female to mate.


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