Prevent Sewer Roaches Mesa, Phoenix AZ

drain TRAPCommonly referred to as Sewer Roaches in Phoenix and Mesa AZ;  Cockroaches are the #1 MOST COMMON pests infesting homes, & Food Service buildings! Cockroaches in Phoenix AZ metro areas thrive outdoors in our communities. They enter homes through dry drain pipes, open doors & windows, through bad weatherstripping, & under old door sweeps.

Prevent “sewer roaches” from coming up drains in kitchens or bathrooms by making sure drains are used regularly! Pipes under drains have a U shaped loop referred to as a “trap”. When drains are used regularly, water stays in the bottom of the U shaped pipe preventing water from totally draining out. This water in the “trap” blocks sewer roaches from coming through the drain into your home;)

If a bathroom is left unused, any water in the “trap” dries up allowing sewer roaches to enter your home. Roaches will infest homes if there are moist conditions!

Eliminate Roaches with a Monthly, Bi-monthly, or Quarterly Pest Control service.

Thought Roaches were Harmless? ….Think Again!

Roaches transmit disease that can causes food poisoning, & other illnesses. Roaches are also a major cause of ALLERGIES, & ASTHMA, in thousands people.

  • One single female roach can have up to 2 million babies in just one year.
  • Roaches carry pathogens ON their bodies that can be passed on to us, and cause diseases including:
  1. Tuberculosis,
  2. Cholera,
  3. Leprosy,
  4. Dysentery,
  5. Typhoid, & more than 40 other disease causing bacteria, & viruses.
  • Studies show Cockroaches are a major cause of ASTHMA and ALLERGIES!  In some cities up to 45% of kids are allergic to cockroaches.  Many children develop Asthma because of exposure to cockroaches.
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