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Unbeatable service,  GUARANTEED, at AFFORDABLE prices. Responsible Pest Control Prices and Cost for Phoenix & Mesa AZ valley cities.

One Time or Initial “Clean Out” Service

The first time we treat a property we always do a “clean out”.  Clean-outs eliminate all scorpions, spiders, crickets, earwigs, beetles, most roaches, ants, and other pests inside your home. At the same time we clean-out: garage, exterior perimeter, entry points, yard & fence. This service eliminates pests ALREADY in your home and yard. Clean Outs take about an hour and start at $99 depending on size. ****NOW ONLY $69 with service agreement****

Monthly or Bi-monthly Service Agreements

Monthly or Bi-monthly programs MAINTAIN the barrier applied at first service.  Once pests are eliminated inside, we can control them from outside with regular maintenance.  Monthly service (best for Scorpion Control) starts at $40 for homes 3000 sq ft & under.  Bi-monthly Pest Control (for customers without scorpions) starts at $65 for homes 3000 sq ft & under.  ALL homes that keep up regular service are ALWAYS GUARANTEED.

One Time Services

  • start at $99
  • Guaranteed for 30 days

Monthly Service

  • starts at $40
  • Guaranteed Pest Control service every month
  • Best For Scorpion Control

Bi-monthly Service

  • starts at $65
  • Guaranteed Pest Control with service every two months

Quarterly Service

  • starts at $90 (for homes without scorpions)
  • Guaranteed Pest Control service every 3 months
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