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This short blog post will help you know how to get rid of scorpions.  To get the most effective scorpion control, you need to have regular pest control services year round.  Watch our Treatment Here Arizona scorpions, including Bark Scorpions, live all year long.  They are very resilient, and can survive the coldest temperatures our desert may have.  Most scorpions are solitary, but in the winter Bark Scorpions gather in groups of 20 to 30. No one wants that at their home!

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Scorpions need food, water, and shelter to live and breed. They hide during the heat of the day under tree bark, rocks, or debris. Scorpions need humidity, which is usually provided by watering systems, for themselves and their prey. Scorpions are commonly found in homes, and only need a 1/16 inch opening to enter your home. They also come in through vents on top of and around your home. You can screen these vents to prevent them from dropping in.  Responsible Pest Control Techs can suggest solutions for your home to cut  scorpion resources.  The more we remove scorpion resources from our environment, the better scorpion control results we achieve.

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