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German Cockroaches

German Roaches

German Roaches require a different pest control treatment than most general pests and other Roaches. No matter how many times you treat a German Roach infestation with regular pest control products, they will keep reproducing & infesting. German Roach infestations are usually brought in on shipped  goods or packaging. Responsible Pest Control specializes in German Roach Control for restaurants & homes.  German Roaches are a common invader to restaurants, markets, hospitals, & homes.

German Roach Pest CONTROL

Because German Roaches reproduce so rapidly, treatments are more frequent. German Roaches need an “Insect Growth Regulator” to stop offspring from reproducing.  Without a growth regulator German Roach numbers just EXPLODE! German Cockroach “babies” have a disgusting way of feeding.  The Roach “babies” eat from the fecal matter of adult Roaches. This is important knowledge for German Roach Control. One of the most effective ways to control their population is to use a special bait that ends up in the mature roaches fecal matter, & is thus fed to the young.  German Roach Treatments generally come with two follow-up treatments, and are always GUARANTEED.

Thought Roaches were Harmless? ….Think Again!

  • One single female roach can have up to 2 million babies in just one year.
  • Roaches carry pathogens ON their bodies that can be passed on to us, and cause diseases including:
  1. Tuberculosis,
  2. Cholera,
  3. Leprosy,
  4. Dysentery,
  5. Typhoid, & more than 40 other disease causing bacteria, & viruses.
  • Studies show Cockroaches are a major cause of ASTHMA and ALLERGIES!  In some cities up to 45% of kids are allergic to cockroaches.  Many children develop Asthma because of exposure to cockroaches.
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