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German Cockroaches

Pest Control for German Roaches

German Roaches require a different pest control treatment than most general pests and other cockroaches. Because German Roaches reproduce so rapidly, EFFECTIVE Pest Control for German Roaches is more frequent!

German Roach infestations require the use of “Insect Growth Regulators” to stop the reproduction cycle, and get control. {German cockroaches need only mate once, and they’ll stay pregnant for the rest of their lives, causing infestations to literally explode without an IGR or Insect Growth Regulator!} German Roach “babies” eat from the fecal matter of adult Roaches. This habit is important knowledge that we use against them for EFFECTIVE German Roach Control… One of the most effective ways to control their population is to use a special bait that ends up in the mature roaches fecal matter, and is thus fed to the young.  Responsible’s German Roach Treatments include an Initial Clean Out with two follow-up treatments {or regular pest control service to prevent future infestations} and are always GUARANTEED.

Pest Control German Cockroach Process:

Prevent Cockroach infestations by inspecting all items brought in your home for any roaches and their egg cases.

German Roach infestations are usually brought in on shipped  goods or packaging.
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Good Sanitation is the first technique of prevention & CONTROL. Keeping the environment clean, and in good repair, reduces HARBORING areas + FOOD sources & MOISTURE that Roaches thrive in!

  • Store Food in SEALED containers… NEVER ON THE FLOOR!
  • Plumbing should be kept in good repair.
  • Clean GREASE TRAPS regularly.
  • Clean ALL equipment DAILY(stoves, grills, refrigerators, tables, sinks, etc.)
  • Sanitize all surfaces that have FOOD CONTACT.
  • REMOVE Inoperable or unused equipment.
  • CLEAN & sanitize all dishes & utensils after each use.
  • SANITIZE all FLOORS, make sure they’re in good repair. (No tiles coming up or broken.)
  • Clean WALLS and CEILINGS, make sure they’re in good repair.
  • Keep BATHROOMS clean, and in good repair.
  • CLEAN Exhaust vent filters.
  • Make sure TRASH containers are LEAK-PROOF and have a LID ON THEM.
  • CLEAN Outside DUMPSTERS, make sure lids STAY closed.
  • CLEAN Outside Premises. (No standing water or loose garbage to attract or breed pests.)
  • CLEAN TOOLS (mops, brooms, SOILED LINENS etc.)
  • Identification

    Correct cockroach identification is key to effective control! Each species has thier own habits that are used against them in effective pest control applications. German Roaches are a common invader to restaurants, markets, hospitals, & homes.

    Initial Pest Control Clean Out

    Depending on the species being treated, this includes BAITS placed strategically in junctions, cracks and crevices, and harboring areas. IGR’s help with long term control {insect growth regulators.}  Responsible Pest Control specializes in German Roach Control for commercial establishments {especially restaurants} and residential homes.

    Follow Up Pest Control Maintenances

    This is key to continual control {especially in commercial establishments prone to infestations.} Includes, ongoing inspections, monotoring traps to find missed roaches or roaches that have just been introduced, and treating upon pests found.

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    Date published: 07/18/2014
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    Roaches Harmless? ….Think Again!

    • One single female roach can have up to 2 million babies in just one year.
    • Roaches carry pathogens ON their bodies that can be passed on to us, and cause diseases including:
    1. Tuberculosis,
    2. Cholera,
    3. Leprosy,
    4. Dysentery,
    5. Typhoid, & more than 40 other disease causing bacteria, & viruses.
    • Studies show Cockroaches are a major cause of ASTHMA and ALLERGIES!  In some cities up to 45% of kids are allergic to cockroaches.  Many children develop Asthma because of exposure to cockroaches.
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